[OpenStack-docs] [networking] Meeting Minutes 4/10/15

Nick Chase nchase at mirantis.com
Fri Apr 10 16:24:40 UTC 2015

We are racing towards finishing the Networking Guide before Vancouver.  
The TOC, including links to existing content, is here: 

We will have a Docs Day 4/23; Edgar will coordinate with the Neutron 
group to get their help.

Status of current sections:

    Edgar will fix the index.rst file to reflect the actual TOC. 
(Current files have only been added to enable rendering.)

    Introduction to Networking -- Edgar will get it completed in RST to 
use as an example for Docs Day.

    Introduction to OpenStack Networking -- To be written by Neutron 
team on Docs Day.

    Configuration -- To be written by Neutron team on Docs Day.

    Scenario status:
       1a:  Nick converting this weekend.
       1b:  Nick converting this weekend.
       2:  Nick converting this weekend.
       3a:  Already merged.
       3b:  Latest version is at 
https://github.com/phil-hopkins-a/openstack-networking-guide; Nick will 
convert and Phil.
       4a:  Already merged.
       4b:  Sean converting

       1: Nova-network to Neutron:  Merged.
       2: Legacy to DVR:  Nick converting this weekend.
       3: Legacy to L3 HA: Looking to Phil to write this, probably post 
Docs Day.

       1: Adding high availability for DHCP:  Nick converting this weekend.

    Advanced Configuration:  Nick will convert existing material this 
weekend; the rest can wait until after Vancouver.

Next meeting 4/17/15 at 1500 UTC.

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