[OpenStack-docs] xinclude statements for the Networking Guide

Elke Vorheis elkev at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 16:36:24 UTC 2014

Hello Anne,

I am the new writer for the Networking Guide. Last week I finally started to work on the Networking Guide. It looks like the "chunks" of content that essentially make up the equivalent of a topic (and subtopics) are all separated via xinclude statements instead of being directly included in the chapter file as a section. I therefore assumed that this method was supposed to be followed with respect to all future modifications, deletions, and additions for this document.

However, when I raised this issue with the small group of folks I work with, they indicated that i should get in touch with you to see if this structure of having xinclude statements that basically represent topics is the chosen method that I should follow in the future for this document?

Since I am a newbie to OpenStack, please let me know if this is the appropriate method of communicating with you.

Regards and thanks,
Elke Vorheis
(650) 291-1375 (cell)
elkev at yahoo.com (email)
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