[Openstack-docs] Google Analytics for docs round-up Nov 2012

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Fri Nov 16 17:40:18 UTC 2012

Hi all-
At the last doc meeting I said I'd round up some relevant Google
Analytics web stats for us to learn from. Here are a few reports of
interest. It's a little tough to analyze this time around because of
the very recent switchover (and that it's only halfway done). I'd also
like to say, metrics without actionable tasks are pretty useless, so
here's the raw data some analysis below.

PDF links to Google Analytics reports:
Analytics docs.openstack.org Search Terms 20120901-20121115.pdf
Analytics openstack.org catchall Content Drilldown 20121016-20121115.pdf
Analytics docs.openstack.org Pages 20121016-20121115.pdf

- The api.openstack.org reorganization seems to make the long
reference listing harder to find.
- The docs.openstack.org/folsom/ site has not surpassed /trunk/ but it
already surpassed /essex/ last month.
- The CLI guide is more sought out than API information.

___Key Trends___
- The Red Hat install guide was most popular last month followed by
the docs.openstack.org/api/ page. Wow this is new, typically it was
the Compute Admin guide that always stood out. Hm, that's probably
because of the change in UA code. Even so, adding together the old and
new codes, there is an upsurge in people seeking API information.
- The Object Storage Admin guide isn't getting much readership with
the new code.

___Steps to Take (or already taken)___
- Yesterday I changed the links on /run/ and /install/ to point to
Folsom which should give us better insight plus activate more comments
on install and admin guides.
- Will track API information more closely.
- The fact that the CLI guide is more popular than the API information
is telling and we should spend more time on the CLI guide.
- Fixing Jenkins job for the long reference listing for all APIs as it
wasn't copying latest built file.
- Keep an eye on the trends with the Object Storage Admin guide.
- I need to also change the Google Custom Search Engine to connect it
to the shared GA code. Working on that today.

So, sorry for the scattered analysis, but this was definitely a good
exercise and I'm going to work on this monthly from now on. I'll try
to time the analysis prior to our monthly meeting and add it to the


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