[magnum] Antelope PTG summary

Jake Yip jake.yip at ardc.edu.au
Mon Oct 24 23:12:21 UTC 2022

Dear all,

Magnum had a great meeting during the latest PTG. Thanks to OpenInfra 
Foundation for holding it. Also, thanks to all who has found precious 
time to attend.

As the current Magnum team is quite small, we have decided on the following:

- Deprecate the Fedora Atomic driver - This is EOL.

- Deprecate the CoreOS driver - This is similarly EOL.

- Deprecate the Docker Swarm driver. Kubernetes has became the container 
orchestration engine of choice now. With our limited resources, it will 
be more efficient to support the most popular choice well, instead of 
multiple choices.

- Mark branches before Victoria as unmaintained. These branches only 
support Kubernetes versions that has been EOL.

- Most excitingly, move towards adding Cluster API support for 
Kubernetes. This allows the Magnum project to leverage off upstream 
effort in creating and managing a Kubernetes cluster.

We understand that removing support is difficult for users, but we 
believe this is for the better. Our main aim is to keep the project 
moving fast enough to keep up with upstream Kubernetes. If anyone is 
willing to help maintain any of the items we plan on deprecating, please 
drop me a message.

Magnum Team.

Jake Yip
DevOps Engineer, ARDC Nectar Research Cloud

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