Discontinuing Winstackers

Lucian Petrut lpetrut at cloudbasesolutions.com
Tue Nov 1 08:22:08 UTC 2022

Running Openstack on Windows has been driven by Cloudbase Solutions ever 
since Folsom (2012). Here are the most noteworthy contributions:

* nova hyper-v driver - in-tree plus out-of-tree compute-hyperv driver
* os-win - common Windows library for Openstack
* neutron hyperv ml2 plugin and agent
* ovs on Windows and neutron ovs agent support
* cinder drivers - SMB and Windows iSCSI
* os-brick Windows connectors - iSCSI, FC, SMB, RBD
* ceilometer Windows poller
* manila Windows driver
* glance Windows support
* freerdp gateway
* last but not least, CI test systems for (most of) the above

Due to a shift in business focus and the increased operational costs of 
maintaining the CI systems, we are no longer in a position to 
proactively support Openstack on Windows.

However, we will continue to support Cloudbase-init (cloud-init 
equivalent for Windows) as well as the Openstack Windows imaging tools.

If there are any interested parties that would like to step up as 
Winstacker maintainers, please let us know and we will provide any 
required assistance.


Lucian Petrut
Cloudbase Solutions
Winstackers PTL

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