Ansible OpenStack Collection 2.0.0 and OpenStack SDK 1.0.0/0.99.0

Jakob Meng jmeng at
Fri May 27 12:10:21 UTC 2022

Hello contributors and users of the Ansible OpenStack collection [1]!

This week a release candidate of the upcoming first major release of 
OpenStack SDK has been released [2],[3]. It streamlined and improved 
large parts of its codebase. For example, its Connection interface now 
consistently uses the Resource interfaces under the hood. This required 
breaking changes from older SDK releases though.

The Ansible OpenStack collection is heavily based on OpenStack SDK. With 
OpenStack SDK becoming backward incompatible (for the better), so does 
our Ansible OpenStack collection. We simply lack the devpower to 
maintain a backward compatible interface in Ansible OpenStack collection 
across several SDK releases.

We already split our codebase into two separate git branches: master and 
stable/1.0.0. The former will track the upcoming 2.x.x releases of 
Ansible OpenStack collection which will be compatible with OpenStack SDK 
1.x.x (and its rcs 0.99.x) *only*. Our stable/1.0.0 branch will track 
the current 1.x.x releases of Ansible OpenStack collection which is 
compatible with OpenStack SDK prior to 0.99.0 *only*. Both branches will 
be developed in parallel for the time being.

Our 2.0.0 release is currently under development and we still have a 
long way to go. "We" mainly are a couple of Red Hat employees working 
part-time on the collection. If you use modules of Ansible OpenStack 
collection and want to help us with porting them to the new SDK, please 
contact us!

If you want to help, please reach out to us (e.g. [7],[8]) and we can 
give you a quick introduction into everything. We have extensive 
documentation on why, what and how we are adopting and reviewing the new 
modules [4], how to set up a working DevStack environment for hacking on 
the collection [5] and, most importantly, a list of modules where we are 
coordinating our porting efforts [6]. We are also hanging around on and #oooq 😎

[7] Rafael Castillo <rcastill at> (rcastillo)
[8] Jakob Meng <mail at>, <jmeng at> (jm1)


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