[heat-translator][tacker] Propose Hiromu Asahina (h-asahina) for heat-translator core team

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Wed May 25 12:09:37 UTC 2022


Best Regards,
Yoshiyuki Katada

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Subject: [heat-translator][tacker] Propose Hiromu Asahina (h-asahina) for heat-translator core team

Hi heat-translator team!

I would like to propose Hiromu Asahina (h-asahina) as a member of the heat-translator core team. I'm now not able to actively contribute to heat-translator, and he can lead the team instead of me.

He is mainly contributing to Tacker by fixing issues, refactoring existing codes, and a lot of helpful reviews, with his experience as a research engineer in NTT. Tacker highly depends on heat-translator in its main functionality, so I believe he can manage it with his knowledge of Tacker.

Please vote for his nomination by answering this mail till June 1st.

Best Regards,

Yoshito Ito

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