Creating VM directly on external network.

Eugen Block eblock at
Tue May 24 12:09:36 UTC 2022

In addition to Seans comment I wanted to point out that you might need  
config-drive to ensure the VMs get their metadata since the neutron  
metadata service won't work on the external network. At least that's  
how we spin up instances in our external networks.
The cli option would be
'openstack server create --image ... --config-drive true <VM_NAME>'

Zitat von Sean Mooney <smooney at>:

> On Tue, 2022-05-24 at 10:50 +0000, Russell Stather wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have a charm based OpenStack setup.  The network topology is as below.
>> Creating vms on the internal network and adding floating ips works  
>> as expected.
>> Adding vms on directly on to the ext_net does not. openstack allows  
>> me to do it, but I get host is unreachable when trying to connect.
>> Is there some configuration I have missed?
> am off the top of my head have you ensured that dhcp is enabled on  
> the external network.
> floating ips are implemtend using neutron routers so you cannot used  
> them with vms on an external network.
> other then that you just need to make sure that the external network  
> subnet is routeable on your phsyical netowrk
> have you tried connecting to the vm form a vm in your openstack  
> cloud to rule out datacenter routing issues.
>> Thanks
>> [cid:3699cab3-ea6a-45eb-91c3-65e91056fd71]

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