[magnum] [xena] [IPv6] What is needed to make dual-stack IPv4/6 work in Magnum-managed Kubernetes 1.21+?

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Fri May 20 13:22:54 UTC 2022

Hi Nimrata,

On Fri, 2022-05-20 at 17:58 +0530, Namrata Sitlani wrote:

> Can someone please help us with the information, what changes are
> required to be made at the magnum client-side to have an IPv6
> supported Kubernetes Cluster?

Purely because I happened to be looking at the patches currently
pending for Magnum just now, I spotted this one which will be of
interest to you:


It is to add IPv6 support in Magnum. So it appears it isn't currently


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