[all][infra][tact-sig] Deprecated Zuul queue syntax

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu May 19 20:00:58 UTC 2022

On 2022-05-19 10:10:43 -0700 (-0700), Clark Boylan wrote:
> If we don't fix this before the v7 release the expected fallout
> will be that these project branches will not have any pipelines
> defined, which means no Zuul jobs will run against that project
> branch until the configs are updated.

Well, almost anyway. Per further discussion in Zuul's Matrix
channel, what we expect would happen is that Zuul is unable to parse
the project section of the in-branch configuration and so ignores
it, but would still apply any configuration for that project in
openstack/project-config's zuul.d/projects.yaml file. The likely end
result is that only the centrally-applied jobs run for changes to
those branches, and then merge if those jobs are successful (without
running any of the additional jobs the project wanted but were in
the broken in-branch config). So, potentially worse than just not
running any jobs there and ignoring the changes.
Jeremy Stanley
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