[ Triple0 - NETWORKS ] Openstack Network getting created from wrong network segment range

Lokendra Rathour lokendrarathour at gmail.com
Wed May 18 07:57:13 UTC 2022

Hi Team,
We have deployed tripl0 Train using two tenant networks by configuring the
parameters for additional networks.
  *NeutronBridgeMappings: datacentre:br-tenant,datacentre2:br-extratenant*

in environments/network-environment.yaml

*  NeutronNetworkVLANRanges: 'datacentre:1:500,datacentre2:501:1000'*

and have also isolated and separated the physical nic configuration for ovs
in network/config/bond-with-vlans/compute.yaml

with this setting, overcloud is deployed and the network is getting
created, Checking further, in Controller
configs(/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/)  we see the changes as below, which
looks fine:


*but it is also allowing* the network to be created from the wrong network
segment range.
For example, while creating a network:

   -  openstack network create --share --provider-network-type vlan
   --provider-physical-network datacentre2 --provider-segment 420

 -provider-physical-network-  *"datacentre2"* is having VLAN range from
501-1000 and if I am passing the provider segment as 420(which is out of
range)   then *also a network is getting created.*

This does not look fine. please help share any inputs on the same.
~ Lokendra
skype: lokendrarathour
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