[neutron] OpenStack Port Creation process

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Tue May 17 09:27:50 UTC 2022

On Tue, 2022-05-17 at 00:38 +0530, Dhanasekar Kandasamy wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to understand the Port Creation process in OpenStack.
> 1. What happens in the background when we create a Port with Security
> Groups?     Does it create the port in the Control Plane level or is
> neutron involved in this?
it depend on what you mean by control plane.

when you create a port at the neutron api then basically it just creates a
a db record. an ip address will be assigend if the ip policy is not deffered.
for routed networks since the ip of the prot depends on the host/segment it is bound
too the ip is not asigned until the port port is bound. for normal prot the ip is assigned
at port creation but not configured in the dhcp agent until the point it attached to a vm.

> 2. How does the port obtain the IP address from DHCP and Who initiates this
> DHCP Process?

when a vm or ironic server is allocate a port either via the server create command or a port attach
nova/ironic will start a process call port-binding.

in the case fo a new vm boot after teh schduler has selected a host nova will call neutron to set the
binding:host-id filed with the hostname of the selected host. this will triger port binding in neutron which
will result in the dhcp agent or dhcp plugin driver if you are using a odl/ovn ectra to actully configure dhcp
for the port. in the case of the agent the dhcp agent will configure the mac/ip pair in the dnsmasq config.

once port binding is complete in the boot workflow nova will use that prot infomaiton to create the vm and
attach the interfaces to the network backends dataplane. when the instance boots it will run
its first boot configuration i.e. cloud-init which will configure the OS in teh guest for dhcp or otherwise
depening on if you overrode teh default behavrio with user data.

assuming you did not cloud-init would typicly configure the instance for dhcp and the instance will use a dhcpclent
to send a dhcp request.  with ml2/ovs that dhcp request will be a broadcast packet that will propagate and then eventuraly
reach the dhcp server which will respond. for ml2/ovn the dhcp request will be matched by an openflow rules and the
local dhcp reponder built in to ovn will repond.
> 3. Is there any docs/links available for the same?
im not sure i think there are some high level docs but this partly depends on your network backend.
> Thanks,
> Dhana

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