Magnum CSI Cinder Plugin broken in Yoga?

Oliver Weinmann oliver.weinmann at
Thu May 12 05:04:57 UTC 2022


I just updated to Yoga in order to fix the problem with the broken 
metrics-server, but now I had problems deploying GITLAB and the errors 
lead to problems with mounting PVs.

So I had a look at the csi-cinder-plugin and saw this:

kolla-yoga) [oliweilocal at gedasvl99 images]$ kubectl get pods -n 
kube-system | grep -i csi
csi-cinder-controllerplugin-0                4/5 CrashLoopBackOff   168 
(4m53s ago)   14h
csi-cinder-nodeplugin-7kh9q                  2/2 Running            
0                 14h
csi-cinder-nodeplugin-q5bfq                  2/2 Running            
0                 14h
csi-cinder-nodeplugin-x4vrk                  2/2 Running            
0                 14h

I re-deployed the cluster and the error stays. Is there anything known 
about this? I have a small Ceph Pacific cluster. I can do some testing 
with an NFS backend as well and see if the problem goes away.

Best Regards,


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