[neutron] Static route not added in namespace using DVR on Wallaby

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Fri May 6 18:40:32 UTC 2022


W dniu pią, 6 maj 2022 o 14:14:47 -0400 użytkownik J-P Methot 
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> Hi,
> We're in this situation where we are going to move some instances 
> from one openstack cluster to another. After this process, we want 
> our instances on the new openstack cluster to keep the same floating 
> IPs but also to be able to communicate with some instances that are 
> in the same public IP range on the first cluster.
>  To accomplish this, we want to add static routes like 'X.X.X.X/32 
> via Y.Y.Y.Y'. However, we're using DVR and when we add the static 
> routes, they do not show up anywhere in any of the namespaces. Is 
> there a different way to add static routes on DVR instead of using  
> openstack router add route ?
No, there is no other way to add static routes to the dvr router. I 
don't have any DVR deployment now to check it but IIRC route should be 
added in the qrouter namespace in the compute nodes where router 
exists. If it's not there please check logs of the l3-agent on those 
hosts, maybe there are some errors there.

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