[charms] OpenStack Charms Yoga release is now available

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at canonical.com
Thu May 5 18:35:28 UTC 2022

Version naming for OpenStack Charms releases has changed from being
time-based (YY.MM) to one that is based on the newly-supported OpenStack

Individual charms will also no longer be developed to work with every
OpenStack release. Instead, each charm will leverage Charmhub tracks, each
which will determine a supported scenario.

See the following resource for details:


The Yoga release of the OpenStack Charms is now available. This release
several new features to the existing OpenStack Charms deployments for
Stein, Ussuri, Victoria, Wallaby, Xena, Yoga and many stable combinations of
Ubuntu + OpenStack.

Please see the release notes for full details:

== Highlights ==

* OpenStack Yoga
OpenStack Yoga is now supported on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (via UCA) and Ubuntu
22.04 LTS natively.

* vTPM support
Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) devices are now supported on Compute
nodes. TPM can be used to enhance computer security and privacy.

* Glance storage backend: Cinder iSCSI/FC
Cinder iSCSI/FC is now supported as a storage backend for Glance.

* Cloud operational improvements
Improvements have been implemented at the operational level through the
addition of actions and configuration options to the current set of stable

* Tech-preview charms
This release comes with three new charms, all currently in tech-preview:

  - cinder-nimblestorage
    Provides a NimbleStorage storage backend for Cinder.

  - cinder-solidfire
    Provides a SolidFire storage backend for Cinder.

  - nova-compute-nvidia-vgpu
    Provides Nvidia vGPU support for Nova.

* Documentation updates
Documentation highlights include:

  - More cloud operations
  - Improvements to the upgrade pages
  - Tutorial for deploying OpenStack
  - Pages for vTPM and vGPU
  - Charmhub information
  - Guidelines and resources for software and documentation contributions

== OpenStack Charms team ==
The OpenStack Charms team can be contacted on the #openstack-charms IRC
channel on OFTC or in the Juju user forum:

== Thank you ==
Lots of thanks to the 55 contributors below who squashed 120 bugs, enabled
features, and improved the documentation!

Alex Kavanagh
Andy Wu
Anna Savchenko
Aqsa Malik
Arif Ali
Aurelien Lourot
Bartlomiej Poniecki-Klotz
Bayani Carbone
Billy Olsen
Chris MacNaughton
Corey Bryant
Cornellius Metto
David Ames
Diko Parvanov
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Edin Sarajlic
Edward Hope-Morley
Erlon R.
Felipe Reyes
Frode Nordahl
Gustavo Sanchez
Hemanth Nakkina
Hervé Beraud
James Lin
James Page
James Troup
James Vaughn
Jeff Hillman
Joe Guo
Jorge Merlino
José Pekkarinen
Juan Pablo
Liam Young
Linda Guo
Luciano Lo Giudice
Marcin Wilk
Martin Kalcok
Nicholas Malacarne
Nobuto Murata
Olivier Dufour-Cuvillier
Paul Goins
Pedro Castillo
Peter Matulis
Robert Gildein
Rodrigo Barbieri
Samuel Walladge
Shayan Patel
Simon Deziel
Tianqi Xiao
Yoshi Kadokawa
Zeeshan Ali
Zhang Hua
Dongdong Tao
Tiago Pasqualini

OpenStack Charms Team
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