OSA log location/enabling

Derek O keeffe derekokeeffe85 at yahoo.ie
Tue May 3 14:28:48 UTC 2022

Hi all,
So after a few days of getting our config files correct we have a working horizon dashboard. We have created a network and flavour so we could spin up an instance to test what we've done so far.
The issue is the image upload fails with Unable to create the image. and when we attached to the glance container there are no log files. In the openstack_user_config file we didn't specify a syslog server so were under the impression it would store them on the container or infra node.
Maybe they need to be implicitly enabled somewhere that we've missed as the neutron & openvswitch logs are in /var/log/ on the infra node.
If anyone has any info as to viewing or enabling the logs that would be greatly appreciated.
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