[sdk] creating a blank volume with image properties

John Ratliff jdratlif at globalnoc.iu.edu
Tue May 3 13:14:41 UTC 2022

We're standing up a second openstack cluster to do a leapfrog migration 
upgrade. We are using the same ceph storage backend. I need to create 
volumes in the new openstack cluster that use the underlying ceph rbd.

Currently, we are creating a volume in the new openstack cluster, 
deleting the rbd created by openstack, and renaming the original rbd to 
match the new openstack mapping. This process loses the image properties 
from the original volumes. We are using virtio-scsi for the disk block 
device, and want to continue doing that in the new cluster. When we 
create the server using the new volume in the new openstack cluster, it 
reverts to using virtio-blk (/dev/vda).

What can I do to keep using our image properties in the newly created 
volume? I thought I could just pass volume_image_metadata as an argument 
to create_volume(), but it doesn't work. I end up with an image that has 
no image metadata properties.

import openstack


conn = openstack.connect(cloud="test")

v = conn.create_volume(
         "hw_scsi_model": "virtio-scsi",
         "hw_disk_bus": "scsi",
         "hw_qemu_guest_agent": "yes",
         "os_require_quiesce": "yes",
         "hw_rng_model": "virtio",
         "image_id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",

What can I do to create this openstack volume while preserving my 
original volume properties?

Since we don't care about the image, I thought about creating a blank 
image that the volume could be based on with those properties, but I'm 
looking for suggestions.



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