[neutron] [kolla] Static routes added to subnets after upgrading from Queens to Train

Albert Braden ozzzo at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 21:04:22 UTC 2022

After upgrading our kolla-ansible clusters from Queens to Train, we are seeing static routes when we create subnets. We didn’t see this in Queens. For example, in our de6 region we have a network called “trust” with 3 subnets:

Subnet                 CIDR                                   Gateway

Each of these subnets has 2 entries under “host_routes:” that point to the other two subnets. For example, subnet trust-az1 has these two routes:

host_routes          | destination='', gateway='' |
|                      | destination='', gateway='' |

How can we prevent these host routes from being created in Train? Do we need to change something in our config?

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