[glance] import RBD image

Tony Liu tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 28 17:16:17 UTC 2022

Thank you Erno for pointing it out!
I wonder if I can get a bit more clarifications.

image_import_plugins = ['image_decompression', 'image_conversion']

output_format = raw
For example, with the above configuration and web-download method,
to download image.qcow2.gz2 (2GB) and create a raw image (40GB).
The uncompressed image.qcow2 is 10GB.
My understanding is that, image.qcow2.gz2 is downloaded and takes 2GB space.
Then it's decompressed to image.qcow2, and 12GB space is used now.
Then it's converted to raw image to Ceph directly. So the max space required for
this process is 12GB. Is that correct?

Regarding to recommended local staging directory, doc says "you must configure
each worker with the URL by which the other workers can reach it directly".
Is that because the image processing (download, convert, upload) may be split to
different workers? I would expect the whole process/task is tied to one worker,
because the process is triggered by single request from client. It would be good
to get some clarifications on how this works and why workers need to connect
to each other during image processing.

For worker_self_reference_url, would "http://<worker IP>:<glance-api port>" work?

From: Erno Kuvaja <ekuvaja at redhat.com>
Sent: March 28, 2022 04:13 AM
To: Tony Liu
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On Sun, Mar 27, 2022 at 2:10 AM Tony Liu <tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com<mailto:tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com>> wrote:

There used to be a way to import RBD image with API v1, but not any more with v2.
Is there any other way to do that?
In case given QCOW2 image, It would be much faster and easier to convert it directly
to RBD image with RAW format, than convert it to RAW format on local file system and
upload the RAW image to Glance.


Hi Tony,

There is an image-conversion plugin for Interoperable Image Import for that. Please see https://docs.openstack.org/glance/latest/admin/interoperable-image-import.html for the documentation.


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