[TripleO] Propositing Jiri Podivin as TripleO (Validation Framework) core

Mathieu Bultel mbultel at redhat.com
Mon Mar 28 12:29:55 UTC 2022

Hi folks,

I would like to propose Jiri Podivin as TripleO Validation Framework core.
Jirka has been part of the TripleO organization for some significant time
now and his contribution has grown a lot during the last few months.
He is submitting highly valuable reviews and has now a strong knowledge
around the TripleO Validations Framework areas, the Python framework but
also in the CI (TripleO and upstream generic) and more general projects.

I think getting him as a core reviewer for the Validations
repositories will be very good for us.

Feel free to send your feedback, if there is no objection until next week,
I propose to add him to the list with limited core votes to the VF repo [1].

Thank you,

Mathieu (matbu)

[1] openstack/validations-libs openstack/validations-common
openstack/tripleo-validations and eventually the Validation related code in
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