[kolla-ansible] OVS br-ex configuration for OVN SNAT gateway along with HAProxy

Tony Liu tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 26 05:02:53 UTC 2022


My goal is to have OVN SNAT gateway (with OVS bridge) and HAProxy co-exist.
Here is the networking configuration (partial) before deployment.
eth1, no address, neutron_external_interface
eth1.40, external address, kolla_external_vip_interface

After deployment, I'd like to see this.
  eth1.40 tag 40
eth1.40 with external address

But actually, only eth1 is put on br-ex by Kolla Ansible.

Need eth1.40 on br-ex, because the external network is also one of the provider
networks. Need eth1 on br-ex, to support other provider networks (different VLANs).
It works fine when deploy with TripleO with os-net-config.

Is it supported by Kolla Ansible? It seems Kolla Ansible only puts one interface
(neutron_external_interface) on br-ex?

I know a few workarounds in case that's not supported, just want to confirm.


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