[cinder] Yoga retrospective surveys! Win fabulous prizes!

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 23:17:13 UTC 2022

Hello Argonauts,

As discussed at yesterday's Cinder meeting, we'll have a Yoga cycle 
retrospective during the next weekly cinder meeting on Wednesday 30 
March.  I'm actually going to broaden it a bit, so feel free to express 
your gripes (or kudos) for the Wallaby-Xena-Yoga cycles.  Because IRC 
and video don't allow for much anonymity, you can fill out one (or both) 
of these anonymous surveys that we can use as the basis for discussion:

Cinder Wallaby-Xena-Yoga Retrospective
- https://rosmaita.wufoo.com/forms/m1gc1dfo1s42947/

Cinder W-X-Y Retrospective Survey for Drivers
- https://rosmaita.wufoo.com/forms/zab0fdr1dg4nwo/

These are really short.  The best manager I ever had always just asked 3 
questions when he wanted an evaluation of someone, and that's what I'm 
doing too.  That means you only have to give 3 answers!

I will be interested to learn stuff I can use if I'm not reincarnated as 
a cockroach, and Rajat will be able to get some feedback about how the 
team feels about how things are going.  So please take the surveys.


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