rabbitmq config changes not applied in newer format

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Thu Mar 24 09:58:10 UTC 2022

Hi *,

this might not be the right place to ask but I'm curious how others  
configure their rabbitmq.

RabbitMQ version: 3.8.3
OpenStack version: Ussuri/Victoria (two different clusters)

We have a highly available cloud controlled by pacemaker. The  
deployment is based on our own Salt states. We noticed that our config  
is not applied (e. g. after power outage), we need to import those  
manually with 'rabbitmqctl import /path/to/definitions.json'.  
Comparing it to an older cloud version (Rocky, Rabbit version 3.6.16)  
I noticed that the config format is different between those versions,  
the older version uses a json format (?):

# old format

cat /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config
    {dump_log_write_threshold, 300},
    {dump_log_time_threshold, 180000}
    {collect_statistics_interval, 5000},
    {tcp_listen_options, [
                          {backlog, 128},{nodelay, true},{keepalive, false}
    {tcp_listeners, [
                     {"x.x.x.x", 5672}
    {cluster_partition_handling, pause_minority},
    {queue_master_locator, <<"min-masters">>},
    {disk_free_limit, 50000000}
    {listener, [{ip, "x.x.x.x"}, {port, 15673}]},
    {load_definitions, "/etc/rabbitmq/definitions.json"}

# new format
listeners.tcp.default = 5672
listeners.tcp.other_port = 5673
listeners.tcp.other_ip   = x.x.x.x:5672

If I switch to the old format and restart rabbitmq on that node, the  
changes are applied successfully. Is this a known issue? Should I just  
stick to the old format? Any comments are appreciated!


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