question on plain text config parameters encryption feature

Alexander Yeremko a.yeremko at
Tue Mar 22 18:11:45 UTC 2022

Dear OpenStack community,

we are developing plain text config secrets encryption feature according to the next specification:

We started from Glance OS service and submitted two patchsets already:

Now we have two questions that we need to clarify to proceed our work on that feature and finish our development:

1. Is it correct that we need to develop more patchsets to rework some logic of encryption mechanism according
to comment to 'files/' script that arised at the second patchset (PatchSet 2) dated Nov/30/2021 ?
Comment is by Dmitry Rabotyagov: "We _really_ should make it as an ansible plugin and re-work logic"

2. We wish to have such feature in previous releases also, not just in upcoming Yoga or Zed.
Stein, Train and Victoria - it would be excellent to have plain text secrets encryption with these releases also.
So question is how is it possible to use our feature in those releases also? Can we push some backports to those releases openstack-ansible repo?

Best regards and wishes,
Alex Yeremko
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