[dev][trove] Self-introduction and request to merge PRs

Hirotaka Wakabayashi hiwkby at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 00:28:52 UTC 2022

Hello, I am Hirotaka Wakabayashi from Tokyo. This is my first post to

My goal in OpenStack Project is to learn the OpenStack Infrastructures anddevelop them together and to enlarge the community in Japan if I could.
I am a software engineer. In this 10 years, I have been a backend developer
in Yahoo Japan Corporation. I have been using FreeBSD, Fedora-based Linux
Distros. I mostly use C/C++ and sometime use python recently.

I am a Trove contributor from two years ago and I submitted the following 
PRs  last week, but does anybody kindly merge them? I think they are verysmall code changes and easy to understand, but the #832786 and #833497are very important to make Trove on master branch work correctly.


I asked to merge them in #openstack-trove yesterday, but I got no response.
So I posted this email here. Any questions are welcome!

Thanks in advance,
Hirotaka Wakabayashi

GPG Key UID: "Hirotaka Wakabayashi <hiwkby at yahoo.com>"
GPG fingerprint: "3F54 9D91 A73A 1F31 8CA8  8A9F 050F 5312 F0D7 DBCD"

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