R: R: [Devstack][Gnocchi][Ceilometer] Not able to retrieve metrics using ceilometer and gnocchi

Molka Gharbaoui Molka.Gharbaoui at santannapisa.it
Thu Mar 3 12:23:27 UTC 2022

Hi Matthias,

Sorry for the confusion. Gnocchi is running and I am able to execute commands like "gnocchi metric list" and "gnocchi resource list" without errors even though the response is empty. Also checking mysql, the gnocchi database is correctly created.

By the link I previously shared I wanted just to highlight that there are some differences between what was written there and between the environemnt I installed. I was searching there because I would have expected that Devstack installs and configures every component in automatic with no or minimum external intervention (in fact if I don't consider the Telemetry aspect, the rest works perfectly fine).

I will follow Rafael guidelines to better undrstand where is the issue.


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Oggetto: Re: R: [Devstack][Gnocchi][Ceilometer] Not able to retrieve metrics using ceilometer and gnocchi

On 3/3/22 10:29, Molka Gharbaoui wrote:
> Thank you Matthias for your reply.
> Unfortunately, from the logs I still cannot understand what is the issue.
> Could someone kindly indicate me how ceilometer and gnocchi should be
> configured to get the data?
> For example in this link:
> https://docs.openstack.org/ceilometer/latest/install/install-base-ubuntu.html
> <https://docs.openstack.org/ceilometer/latest/install/install-base-ubuntu.html> the
> endpoints should use the following URL: http://controller:8041
> <http://controller:8041> while in my case the 8041 port is not even
> listening and the API indicated in the dashboard for Gnocchi is http://
> <http://controller:8041>x.x.x.x/metric.
> Thank you in advance.

OpenStack configuration is complex. The guide does not remotely touch on
production environments. Please do not confuse devstack with production
envionments. Also the doc you linked is not for devstack itself.

The flow in general is: data is generated by the services like nova or
glance. Ceilometer listens on the bus and also polls for information.
The info is sent then over (as configured in publishers.yaml) to gnocchi.
Gnocchi has an api, ceilometer has not. Reading your response, this
makes me suspicious if there is gnocchi running. From the initial
question it suggests it is, from your most recent response, it is not.


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