Issues With trove guest agent

Hernando Ariza Perez hclareth7 at
Mon Jun 27 18:54:59 UTC 2022

Dear Trove community,

My name is Hernando, I’m writing this email because I spend a lot of time
trying to make trove yoga version works, the service functionality seems
that is working, however the guest agent not, I built an image following
the build process in the documentation (
), also I used the image that you have in
So right now, when I create a data store instance, the instances is active
normally and I can reach it, I go inside it, and I saw that the guest agent
service doesn’t pull the datastore docker container image. I put the guest
agent config file manually in the image, because trove task manager never
put it via cloud unit, it only put the guest info conf. So this case is
weird because I’m didn’t get any log error, that’s why I’m here. Well could
you please provide me some guides about this process?
Maybe an example of the new trove config files, I’ll really appreciate this

Thanks for read,


Hernando Clareth
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