Openstack instance is unreachable

Mon Jun 27 16:11:43 UTC 2022

I am facing the following issue with my new Openstack installation. The
installation is a little bit weird and to elaborate more, I have a
controller and a compute node running as VMs in XenServer.

The compute node has nested virtualization enabled and uses qemu in order
to provision VMs. I have a provider flat network that has a public range of
IPs and VMs use this network.

I am able to create instances and access them via console, but I can't ping
them or ssh even if they have public IPs.

I am not very familiar with Xen Server, is there any configuration that is
needed (bridges, promisc mode, etc)?

*George Papathanail*
*Associate Researcher*
*Department of Applied Informatics*
*University of Macedonia*
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