[all][tc] What's happening in Technical Committee: summary 24 June 2022: Reading: 5 min

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Fri Jun 24 21:58:01 UTC 2022

Hello Everyone,

Here is this week's summary of the Technical Committee activities.

1. TC Meetings:

* We had this week's meeting on 23 June. Most of the meeting discussions are
summarized in this email. Meeting full logs are available

* Next TC weekly meeting will be on 30 July Thursday at 15:00 UTC, feel free to
add the topic on the agenda[1] by 29 July.

2. What we completed this week:
* Defined "Emerging technology and inactive projects" framework[2].

  Details can be found here[4]. Thanks to Slawek for working on this framework.
  A brief about this framework:
  1. When a new project applies to be an official OpenStack project and they are not fully
  ready/doing things as OpenStack way. Still, they can be an official OpenStack with the
  agreement of filling the gap for OpenStack way. This framework will help such projects
  to have them early in the OpenStack community but also with the timeline of filling the gaps.
  (Skyline is a good example of such a project).

  2.  Inactive projects: If any project become inactive and no maintainer merges the things
  then this framework will help to detect such projects before the final release of work and
  give time to recover before we decide to retire them. This will avoid last-minute issues during
  the final release for example: what we had in the Yoga release[3]

* Clarified "ATC" and "AC" terms in TC charter as per the bylaws perspective[5]

* Added cinder ibm storwize charm repo[6]

3. Activities In progress:
TC Tracker for Zed cycle
* Zed tracker etherpad includes the TC working items[7], Two are completed and
others items are in-progress.

Open Reviews
* Four open reviews for ongoing activities[8].

Create the Environmental Sustainability SIG 
There is a proposal for 'Environmental Sustainability ' SIG[9]. Because of its
wider scope at the OpenInfra projects level (not just OpenStack) we are discussing
if it is a good idea to be an OpenStack SIG or something at the OpenInfra level like
a working group under Board or so.

New ELK service dashboard: e-r service
Updates from dpawlik: "Changes in ci log processing: created account on docker hub
for ci log processing project (credentials are in AWS secret service); enabled pushing
logscraper and log gearman container images into the docker hub."

Ananya working on integrating the Elastic recheck with Upstream opensearch[10]

Dasm working on merging 'origin/rdo' into the merge branch[11]

Consistent and Secure Default RBAC
We discussed the operator feedback in the policy popup meeting on Tuesday 21 June[12]
where operators from KDDI joined and wrote their feedback in etherpad[13]. After considering
the feedback and all the challenges we have with 'scope', we decided to drop the 'scope'
implementation and work on implementing the 'project persona'. I have proposed the goal
document updates[14]

2021 User Survey TC Question Analysis
No update on this. The survey summary is up for review[15]. Feel free to check and
provide feedback.

Zed cycle Leaderless projects
No updates on this. Only Adjutant project is leaderless/maintainer-less. We will check Adjutant's
the situation again on ML and hope Braden will be ready with their company side permission[16].

Fixing Zuul config error
Requesting projects with zuul config error to look into those and fix them which should
not take much time[17][18].

Project updates
* Add Cinder Dell EMC PowerStore charm[19]
* Retire openstack-helm-deployments[20]

4. How to contact the TC:
If you would like to discuss or give feedback to TC, you can reach out to us in multiple ways:

1. Email: you can send the email with tag [tc] on openstack-discuss ML[21].
2. Weekly meeting: The Technical Committee conduct a weekly meeting every Thursday 15 UTC [22]
3. Ping us using 'tc-members' nickname on #openstack-tc IRC channel.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TechnicalCommittee#Next_Meeting
[2] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/governance/+/839880
[3] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2022-March/027864.html
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[5] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/governance/+/844882
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