[sdk] renaming a volume with the SDK

jdratlif at globalnoc.iu.edu jdratlif at globalnoc.iu.edu
Fri Jun 24 15:44:23 UTC 2022

I'm trying to set a property on a volume, specifically the name. But when I
try to do this, it tells me the Session object has no default_microversion.
I have all my auth in environment variables. Using TOKEN authentication.


What am I doing wrong here?


import openstack

from openstack.block_storage.v3._proxy import Proxy as BlockStorageService

from openstack.block_storage.v3.volume import Volume


# enable openstack debug logging



conn = openstack.connect()


cinder: BlockStorageService = conn.block_storage

volume: Volume = cinder.get_volume("b3a70014-1cf0-4fd1-bdc4-183dbfd33e79")

volume.name = "test_rename"







John Ratliff

Systems Automation Engineer 

GlobalNOC @ Indiana University


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