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Tue Jun 21 18:35:47 UTC 2022

I think that you’d normally advertise much larger subnets than /64 and then subnet those for different domains. Routing in ipv6 should be much more straightforward as there should be no NAT, which ought to make it much easier to work out what’s talking to what.

> On 21 Jun 2022, at 18:21, Tiago Pires <tiagohp at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to figure out how to enable workloads on overlay to use IPv6 addresses and communicate with external networks.
> I have to use Neutron ML2/OVN in my scenario and I have doubts regarding how the external networks(Internet) can know how to reach the VMs using IPv6 address behind a regular neutron router. 
> I was checking this link <> that uses the BGP speaker on neutron in order to advertise the /64 subnets to a border router, that option should work fine but Neutron/BGP Speaker is not supported with OVN as I could check on the documentation.
> How are you using IPv6 integration (Neutron/OVN) to advertise the /64 subnets?
> Tiago Pires

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