Regarding Floating IP is existing Setup

Eugen Block eblock at
Tue Jun 21 07:42:34 UTC 2022


this sounds very familiar to me, I had to deal with something similar  
a couple of times in a heavily used cluster with 2 control nodes. What  
does your setup look like, is it a HA setup? I would start checking  
the DHCP and L3 agents. After increasing dhcp_agents_per_network to 2  
in neutron.conf and restarting the services this didn't occur again  
(yet). This would impact floating IPs as well, sometimes I had to  
disable and enable the affected router(s). If you only have one  
control node a different approach is necessary. Do you see a high load  
on the control node?

Zitat von Adivya Singh <adivya1.singh at>:

> hi Team,
> We got a issue in Xena release, where we set the environment in Ubuntu
> Platform, But later we get some issues in Floating IP not reachable.
> In a Network node, not all router namespace are Impacted and only few of
> them get affected, So we can not comment Network node has a issue.
> The L3 agent where the Router is tied up, Worked just fine, as other
> routers work Fine.
> and the one having issue in Floating IP, if i unassigned and assigned it
> starts working most of the time.
> Any thoughts on this
> Regards
> Adivya Singh

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