Devstack Installation Fails with Internal Server Error (HTTP 500)

Dan Smith dms at
Fri Jun 17 13:41:06 UTC 2022

> With this ^ I realized that restarting g-api might not have been a
> good indicator of anything resolving because in this example the
> plugin load failure occurs while checking quota for an inbound
> request. I'm not sure whether services load the dbcounter passively
> when they start or if it's only when database accesses are initiated.

I would have though it would be when the enginefacade is created, which
I suspect happens at load time. However, perhaps the plugin bit doesn't
occur until the first connection is made, where it needs to use the
URL. Not sure. In nova, that would happen at startup time too, but
probably not glance.

> I also don't understand how or why one project can't load the plugin
> but the rest can. And I wonder whether it's a coincidence that it was
> glance in the two examples we have so far.

Yeah, your confirmation that we've loaded it multiple times before rules
out the ordering thing (as I expected) but maybe it rules back in it
being something specific to glance.

Maybe we should ping zzzeek to look.


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