New install on CentOS: what versions, etc.?

Sean Mooney smooney at
Tue Jun 14 23:54:23 UTC 2022

On Tue, 2022-06-14 at 14:59 -0400, Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> Hey, all.  We're currently running (I hope you're sitting) Juno, and 
> we're thinking about rolling out a new OpenStack version.  My boss has 
> asked me if CentOS 7.9
> a) would be supported for control/compute nodes, and, if so, if there 
> are any long-term potential issues, and
most openstack testing in the centos family has move to centos 9 stream
i woudl not presonally recommend deploying a new install in 7.9

google tells me censot 7 is eol on June 30, 2024,

realisticaly that give you only 2 years of "supprot" but centos 7 woudl be useing python 2.7 or 3.6.8

python 3.6 is eol upstream so it will not recive any security fixes for any of these issues

so i would start with at least centos 8 stream or 9 stream if you want to move to anything modern

if you do use 7.9 the last openstack version redhat maintained on rhel 7 was queens
thats proably the best tested/maitained version as a reult but if its a new install i really dont think you shoudl
consider anything older then wallaby personally if i was rooling my own deployment or useign say the opentstack ansible or simialr to deploy
i would go to the most recent stable openstack version avaiabel that is supproted by my installer tool of chice.
so yoga in this case.

there are far to many issues that have been adressed in the interveing time for me to really recommend deploying old releases unless you
are going to pay a vendor to supprot the openstack distorbution for you i which case i would recoment the newest release they offer.

> b) if there would be any concerns about versions of client OSes.
if you are on centos 7 that likely means that you will not be able to deploy an openstack release with supprot for vtpm
that will mean you will not be able to run windows 11 or windows server 2022 guest as they requrie vtpm 2.0 support

i also belive that rhel 9 is not supprot on 7.9 host form a readhat point of view

so yes using centos 7.9 release will limit the guests you can run

> Thanks!
> -Ken

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