[Nova] Hardware Architecture Emulation - Summit forum - Emulation beyond just Local QEMU -outcomes

Race, Jonathan JRACE at augusta.edu
Tue Jun 14 13:42:11 UTC 2022

Great to see everyone at the summit! For those not in attendance and interested, see the below etherpad that is being used to collect input and requirements as our team moves forward with work. I have also included the outcomes that I have identified.


Berlin Forum Outcomes
I appreciate all the feedback during the forum session, and it was great to have active participation on how to grow and shape this unique feature. We discussed the feature, what it allows,
how to actually leverage it, and discussed about further refining the applicable use cases so that operators and users can effectively use it and to help drive interest.  A prime example was
of a company wanting to shift their infra from x86_64 to arm for the sake of power consumption, and whether this feature could lend its hand to perform some initial fact finding and testing.
The answer is yes, you can spin up some of the infra (in your desired arch) on top of your existing deployment and perform your tests and validations.

One of the great items that came out of the discussion was that this can not only be to support education, research, and training but it can act as a great 1st step within planning. Meaning
when you are going from the drawing board to implementation, you can now model and design your network environments within the cloud for IT and OT systems. This is where refining the
use cases really came to light, as our organization leverages OpenStack as a private cloud for hosting extremely customizable network environments (i.e. enterprise iT, IOT, Critical infrastructure,
medical devices, etc.) While the feature itself is overall in the experimental phase, it is a great start. This etherpad will remain available and feel free to add to it, as we leverage this year to fact
find and identify all further requirements going into the AA release cycle.

A snapshot of the discussion points can be found below, and ill be posting the recorded session within the week.

  *   Most operators and providers are running a few releases behind so getting accurate feedback at this time is still ongoing due to this feature only being available in yoga and newer.
  *   Pursuit of additional architectures to be supported (riscv, etc.)
     *   This will require custom firmware support
        *   evaluate current AMI/AKI/ARI functionalities (add ability for leveraging glance if able, and add additional security)
     *   Adding capability for trusted signers of OOVMF file descriptors
        *   evaluating current work related to edk2 oovmf file descriptors
        *   https://github.com/riscv-admin/riscv-uefi-edk2-docs
  *   Expansion and documentation of a valid support matrix
     *   something similar to: (arch x | feat 1 | supported | temptest test 1)
  *   Evaluate requirements for leveraging virtio in relation to scsi/sata devices similar to pci passthrough capabilities

Jonathan Race
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