[manila] CephFS NFS high availability cluster

CHANU ROMAIN romain.chanu at univ-lyon1.fr
Mon Jun 13 12:41:48 UTC 2022


I added Manila service with CephFS NFS driver to my openstack cluster.
Everything works fine but I would like to add 2 nfs-ganesha servers to
ensure high availability to the service.

I configured haproxy to forward 2049 to ganesha backend but Manila
cephFS NFS provides only IP restriction and see only haproxy's IP
address. To make it work you have to add haproxy to allowed ip but it
means everyone can access the share.

So currently the only way I found out is to use pacemaker to set public
vip to a running nfs-ganesha node. Could you confirm that is not
possible to provide an active/active nfs-ganesha cluster with manila
cephfs NFS driver?

Best regards,
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