[VICTORIA][IRONIC] - Can inspect but not deploy

Gaël THEROND gael.therond at bitswalk.com
Mon Jun 13 08:33:06 UTC 2022

Hi everyone!

I'm dealing with a strange issue today, we deployed IRONIC on a VICTORIA
platform, we activated the dnsmasq pxe filtering option at the inspector
level, it works great as only IRONIC listed hosts are then served by the
dnsmasq DHCP as those hosts are allowed using the dhcp hosts dir.

BUT, I'm having a weird issue now.

All my nodes are able to get an IP from the DHCP at the INSPECTION step,
however, as soon as the inspection step is finished, the mac related file
is once again filled with "<mac>,ignore" which prohibits further operations.

This means as soon as I put that node as available and try to deploy an
"instance" on it (provision the host), it doesn't work as dnsmasq reject
the host boot DHCP requests.

So, is there a way to instruct the ironic-conductor to edit/allow the host
the way the inspector is able to manipulate this file?

Did I missed something?

Thanks a lot!
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