[nova] local LVM volume on compute hosts

Paul Harrison paul.harrison at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Jun 10 13:13:05 UTC 2022

> On 2022-06 -08, at 08:26, Paul Harrison <paul.harrison at manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
>> On 2022-06 -07, at 13:25, Sean Mooney <smooney at redhat.com <mailto:smooney at redhat.com>> wrote:
>> no there is noting else you need to configure but this option is not what you think it is.
>> the images_type option contols what storage will be used for all non cinder storage.
>> i.e. vms that are booted with out usign a boot volume.

>> so your current config will make any non boot from volume nova instance use lvm storage to provision the vm root/swap/epmeral disks
>> but will not prevent end users requesting cinder data voluems or boot volumes via the cli/api. if the opt in to cinder stoage that
>> is what they will recive but if they use teh default storage provided by the flaovr then it will be local.
> thanks for the explanation - it is a shame that there is not a more direct way in config to force local storage - looks like https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/use-libvirt-storage-pools <https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/use-libvirt-storage-pools> has never got enough votes for implementation.

I have discovered the reason why my original setup was not working (it would fail if I tried to force in the GUI, by specifying “no” to "create new volume”) - I think it was failing here


as the volume group device does not appear when there are no logical volumes in the group (in Centos 8 stream at least). So I forced the creation of that device by adding a dummy logical volume.

Anyway, the situation is now that I can create instances that will use compute node local LVM storage, if I start them from the GUI, but not from the command line.

I had a look at what the GUI sends to the /api/nova/servers/ endpoint


However, I have not been able to find the set of command line switches for "openstack server create" that achieve the same effect - if someone knows, I would be grateful.


p.s. I was not really able to match up what the GUI sends with the API spec either. https://docs.openstack.org/api-ref/compute/?expanded=create-server-detail#create-server

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