[openstack-ansible] [kolla-ansible] Which deployment tool for first timer?

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Fri Jun 10 08:53:30 UTC 2022

Hi Dave,

I would suggest getting a minimal deployment up and running with each
environment, before making your choice.

For Kolla Ansible, you can follow the quickstart documentation to get a
single node deployment up and running:

If you also need bare metal provisioning capabilities for your control &
compute nodes, as well as more advanced host configuration, you might
consider Kayobe, which builds on top of Kolla Ansible. Here is a guide to
building up the configuration for a single node deployment:


On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 16:05, Dave Hall <kdhall at binghamton.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> My question is about OpenStack-Ansible vs. Kolla-Ansible.  While I am
> sensitive to the effort that has been put into both of these projects, what
> I really need right now is the most fool-proof way to deploy and manage a
> small production cluster for academic instructional use.
> (BTW, I do understand that there are other differences between Kolla and
> regular openstack.)
> I have been working for a couple months with OpenStack-Ansible to deploy
> a small (3-node) Xena test cluster on VirtualBox VMs in preparation for a
> larger deployment on real hardware - 6 to 10 nodes.  My VirtualBox
> deployment has been:
> Debian 11 deployment, Debian 10 infra, compute, and storage nodes
> It has been slow going, at least partially due to some issues and
> limitations with VirtualBox (and Vagrant early on).  However, deploying a
> test cluster on VMs still seems preferable to just diving into deployment
> on real hardware and going through multiple scrubs/reinstalls.
> I've recently seen more posts in the list about Kolla-Ansible.  So, as a
> 'beginner', should I shift and look at Kolla-Ansible, or should I stay
> the course and continue with Openstack-Ansible?  What are the pros and
> cons of each?
> For that matter, is there some other deployment mechanism that would be
> more fool-proof for a first-timer?  Although I'm more familiar with Ansible
> than the other tools (Chef, Puppet, etc.) I'm most interested in how to get
> a cluster up and running regardless of the underlying tools.
> Thanks.
> -Dave
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> Dave Hall
> Binghamton University
> kdhall at binghamton.edu
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