[sdk] specify mac address when creating ports with nova

jdratlif at globalnoc.iu.edu jdratlif at globalnoc.iu.edu
Tue Jun 7 13:51:05 UTC 2022

When using connection.compute.create_server(), what is the structure of the
networks parameter?


I see in the example is a list of objects with a single key in the list
being the uuid of the network. I know there are other parameters that could
be in this list though. The os-migrate ansible playbooks add fixed_ip to
this. fixed_ip is not a Network or a Port class parameter. Port has
fixed_ips, but that would be a list. I want to add mac address to this port,
but I'm not sure if that's possible or what key I would need to add.


Is the structure of the networks object documented somewhere?





John Ratliff

Systems Automation Engineer 

GlobalNOC @ Indiana University


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