[nova] local LVM volume on compute hosts

Paul Harrison paul.harrison at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jun 6 15:11:29 UTC 2022

I have installed a small test cluster using openstack-ansible (xena) and would like to use local LVM volumes for storing instance volumes -  and following https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/configuration/config.html and (e.g. https://cloudnull.io/2017/12/nova-lvm-an-iop-love-story/) I have the libvirt section of my /etc/nova/nova.conf as below.

inject_partition = -2
inject_password = False
inject_key = False
virt_type = kvm
live_migration_with_native_tls = true
live_migration_scheme = tls
live_migration_inbound_addr =
hw_disk_discard = ignore
disk_cachemodes = none
images_type = lvm
images_volume_group = nova
volume_clear = zero

however, the nova service continues to use cinder volumes from my storage host to store instances. Is there something else that needs to be configured to make this work, or is it obsolete?

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