Manila/NFS support for Zun

Vaibhav mmilan2006 at
Wed Jul 27 17:34:42 UTC 2022

Dear Hongbin,

I am able to successfully do the following. It allows me to mount the NFS
But there is no way to pass this information from an openstack client.
Is there any way to send this information from openstack client to docker?
Is there any hook or plugin available which can be called before starting
the container? I can exploit it until a permanent solution is available,

export NFS_VOL_NAME=mynfs
export NFS_LOCAL_MNT=/mnt/mynfs
export NFS_SHARE=/my/server/path
export NFS_OPTS=vers=4,soft

docker run --mount \
  busybox ls $NFS_LOCAL_MNT

Alternatively, you can create the volume before the container:

docker volume create \
  --driver local \
  --opt type=nfs \
  --opt o=addr=$NFS_SERVER,$NFS_OPTS \
  --opt device=:$NFS_SHARE \

docker run --rm -v $NFS_VOL_NAME:$NFS_LOCAL_MNT busybox ls $NFS_LOCAL_MNT


On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 10:37 PM Vaibhav <mmilan2006 at> wrote:

> Thank you for your response.
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 1:25 AM Carlos Silva <ces.eduardo98 at>
> wrote:
>> Hello, sorry for the late reply
>> Em sáb., 16 de jul. de 2022 às 13:28, Vaibhav <mmilan2006 at>
>> escreveu:
>>> Hi,
>>> I want to mount my Manila shares on containers managed by Zun.
>>> I can see a Fuxi project and driver for this but it is discontinued now.
>>> I want to have a shared file system to be mounted on multiple containers
>>> simultaneously, it is not possible with cinder.
>>> Is there any alternative to Fuxi?
>> I can't think of many by looking at the use case. Isn't there anything on
>> Zun itself that allows the shares to be mounted directly in the containers?
> No, Zun gives only option of cinder volumes to be mounted. With cinder I
> am not able to have a shared file system among the containers, which I want
> to have.
>> Or can it work with yoga release ?
>>>  I would not say so, as the project is no longer maintained and the
>> latest commit is from 2017.
>>> Please advise and give a suggestion.
>>> Regards,
>>> Vaibhav
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