RAM and Storage requirements for Openstack cloud

Mahendra Paipuri mahendra.paipuri at cnrs.fr
Wed Jul 27 15:32:00 UTC 2022

Thanks a lot Thomas and Jeremy. Given that we are new to the community, 
these are very useful inputs. I will look into SIGs that are relevant to us.



On 27/07/2022 15:02, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 7/22/22 08:49, Mahendra Paipuri wrote:
>> We are going to deploy Openstack cloud with researchers as primary
>> target users.
> [...]
> Aside from the technical recommendations, you might consider
> participating in the Scientific SIG or (depending on the areas of
> research you and your users are involved in) the Cloud Research SIG:
> https://governance.openstack.org/sigs/
> If you're interested, you'll probably want to reach out to the
> chairs at the addresses listed there since their meetings may not be
> held with as much regularity as the linked documents suggest.

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