[dev][designate][dns] Adding private DNS feature

Michael Johnson johnsomor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 17:34:26 UTC 2022

Hi Danny,

Ok, I think I have a bit better understanding of what you are
interested in accomplishing.

I see two different "features" in there, both of which have been
talked about in the designate community.

1. Shared zones - Setup a zone that can be shared across projects.
2. DNS Views/Split horizon - Zones that return different answers based
on ACLs such that an "internal" query may get a private address, but
an "external" query may get a public address answer.

Shared zones have some proposed patches and are close to ready. It
just needs to be updated to account for the new "secure RBAC"
community goal[1] and some review/test work.
At the PTG we agreed that this patch set should be a priority to
finish up, but many of us have had downstream work that has postponed
starting work on this.

DNS Views has a specification and some patches, but based on community
feedback this approach is not going to work (major performance impact
and will not work for many deployment scenarios). The patches have
been abandoned by the developer. I think we need to restart the
specification process on this feature before moving forward with it.

[1] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/selected/consistent-and-secure-rbac.html

So, yes, there is community interest. I look forward to seeing what
you are proposing and to see if we can align those needs with the
above two features.


On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 3:46 PM Danny Webb <Danny.Webb at thehutgroup.com> wrote:
> We're thinking more of a private view available to individual or shared amongst a defined set of tenants.  Loosely something akin to having amphora that serve up internal DNS that can be shared among one or more tenants with a deep integration into nova/neutron.  Use case would be for example a enterprise that utilises many projects for various teams but wants to offer a single DNS domain across projects that isn't externally facing.  We'll flush out a better use case and proposed architecture in the coming weeks, we're just putting some feelers out to see if this kind of thing was of any interest or use to others.
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> Hi Sergey,
> Can you tell me a little bit more about what you want to accomplish?
> Private DNS can mean different things, such as DNS-over-TLS,
> DNS-over-HTTPS, split views, etc.
> Michael
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 12:51 PM Sergey Drozdov
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> > Dear Sir/Madam,
> >
> > We are running OpenStack at scale and now have a requirement to have private DNS and were wondering if the designate team have any appetite for this? If yes, then further discussion is warranted as we would be happy to get the ball rolling on this.
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