Glance api deployed only on a single controller on multi-controller deployment [kolla]

Pierre Riteau pierre at
Thu Jul 21 09:41:55 UTC 2022

With the default backend (file), Glance is deployed on a single controller,
because it uses a local Docker volume to store Glance images. This is
explained in the documentation [1]: "By default when using file backend
only one glance-api container can be running". See also the definition
of glance_api_hosts in ansible/group_vars/all.yml.

If you set glance_file_datadir_volume to a non-default path, it is assumed
to be on shared storage and kolla-ansible will automatically use all
glance-api group members.

You can also switch to another backend such as Ceph or Swift.


On Thu, 21 Jul 2022 at 10:57, A Monster <amonster369 at> wrote:

> I've deployed openstack xena using kolla ansible on a centos 8 stream
> cluster, using two controller nodes, however I found out after the
> deployment that glance api is not available in one node, I tried
> redeploying but  I got the same behavior, although the deployment finished
> without displaying any error.
> Thank you. Regards
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