Help needed with Openstack Third Party CI

Aneesh Pachilangottil aneesh.p at
Tue Jul 19 21:59:43 UTC 2022

  I am trying to set up Openstack third party CI using software factory
version 3.7. Followed the steps from this guide
  After adding gerrit connection details for, I am
getting an error in the zuul scheduler logs:

  ./scheduler.log:2022-07-18 21:10:25,564 INFO zuul.GerritConnection: Gerrit Poller is disabled because no HTTP
authentication is defined
  ./web.log:2022-07-18 21:10:23,948 ERROR Exception loading ZKObject
<zuul.zk.branch_cache.BranchCacheZKObject object at 0x7efee2784190> at

 The gerrit connection details entry in the sfconfig.yaml file is:
    - name:
      port: 29418
      username: username

  The SSH key located
at /var/lib/software-factory/bootstrap-data/ssh_keys/ is added
to the account in

  Could anyone suggest if I am missing anything?
  Are there better alternatives than using a software factory? Any
documentation available?

Best regards,
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