[neutron] change of API performance from Pike to Yoga

Bence Romsics bence.romsics at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 12:19:43 UTC 2022


> So from just brief look at load_duration.png file it seems that we are improving API performance in last cycles :)

I believe the same. :-)

> I was also thinking about doing something similar to what Julia described in Berlin (but I still didn't had time for it). But I was thinking that instead of using rally, maybe we can do something similar like Ironic is doing and have some simple script which will populate neutron db with many resources, like e.g. 2-3k ports/networks/trunks etc. and then measure time of e.g. doing "list" of those resources.
> That way we will IMHO measure only neutron API performance and Neutron - DB interactions, without relying on the backends and other components, like e.g. Nova to spawn actual VM. Wdyt about it? Is it worth to do or it will be better to rely on the rally only?

I think both approaches have their uses. These rally reports are
hopefully useful for users of Neutron API, users planning an upgrade
or as feedback for maintainers who worked on performance related
issues in the last few cycles. But rally reports do not give much
information on where to look when we want to make further
improvements. But I believe Julia's approach can be used to narrow
down or even identify where to make further code changes. Also she
targeted testing _at scale_, what our current rally tests don't do. In
short, I believe both approaches have their uses and rally tests
probably cannot (easily) replace what the Ironic team did with the
tests Julia described in her presentation.


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