[kolla-ansible][centos][yoga] Problems VpnaaS and containers

Franck VEDEL franck.vedel at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Fri Jul 1 19:35:50 UTC 2022

I hope to have some help on a point that was bothering me last year, and which still does not work. I was a year ago on Wallaby, after 2 updates, I'm currently on Yoga.

I use kolla-ansible, and openstack-kolla/centos-source images.
Last year, I found the following ebug:

I tried with the Yoga update: exactly the same problem
"Command: ['ipsec', 'whack', '--status'] Exit code: 33 Stdout:  Stderr: whack: Pluto is not running (no "/run/pluto/pluto.ctl")
; Stderr: »

Should I conclude that this bug will never be fixed and that it is impossible to have vpnaas functionality with centos images?

Second question: let's imagine that I change the line
kolla_base_distro: "centos"
kolla_base_distro: "ubuntu"

Does this have a chance of working? I can't see all the possible problems. Thanks for your help.


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