[swift] Dropping support for py27

Timothy Burke tburke at nvidia.com
Wed Jan 26 21:14:16 UTC 2022

The Swift team plans for the coming Yoga release to be the final Swift release to support Python 2.7.

This is long overdue; it is now two years since the official Python 2.7 end-of-life. We were relatively late in adding Python 3 support, however, and wanted to ensure a long-enough period to root out Python 3 bugs and transition existing Python 2 clusters. We've used that time effectively; now it's time to move forward.

We'll do what we can to ensure subsequent releases are *not* considered for installation on unsupported versions of Python. Notably, we'll ensure wheels are no longer flagged as universal, and `python_requires` will be set.

If you have a continued interest in running latest Swift on Python 2.7, please get in touch with us, either here on the mailing list or in #openstack-swift on OFTC.

Tim Burke
Swift PTL
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