[ops][nova][victoria] Power State = Suspended?

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at inovex.de
Mon Jan 24 09:59:06 UTC 2022

Hey Mohammed,

thanks for the input!

On 21/01/2022 12:48, Mohammed Naser wrote:
> Sorry to hijack such an old thread. Looking into these features, I was 
> just wondering if it was possible to:
>       1) Disable the support for pause / suspend altogether and not
>     allow anyone to place instances in such states?
> you can use policy to disable suspending vms via the api

Good point, thanks.

>       2) Change the storage location of the saved guest RAM to a
>     shared storage to allow the instance to be migrated while being
>     suspended/paused. As far as I can see currently this data is saved
>     on the host disk.
> you can mount the path where things get saved at where ever you want 
> (I think it’s somewhere inside /var/lib/nova/instances)

That's true, but this would require some multi-mountable shared storage 
like CephFS or some NFS to remove the dependency from a single node.
It's not like Nova would store this data as e.g. a RBD image in Ceph via 
some config option, right?



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